A prophecy hopefully not fulfilled

SO where do I start?

Maybe I have watched too many sci-fi movies or television shows. Or maybe it is the growing trend of our time, or looking back at history, the ongoing trend of humanity—Nostradamus, the Mayans, Isaac Newton. Whatever it is, I hope it is all in my imagination. I hope it is a prophecy that is unfulfilled.

I look at the list of not just big issues, but significant issues of our modern time and from where I stand it seems like we are facing the impending end of modern, peaceful society as we know it on so many fronts.

“We are facing the impending end of modern, peaceful society.”

Now when I say peaceful society I do not discount the suffering and pain many suffer from many situations, or the wars that continue. There are extremes in all the ages of time, ages of society, but we measure our ages with the pinnacle of successes of those times. Be it the Egyptians, Romans, Mongols, English monarchs or united states of democracy. At each time in history we measure the big picture by the successes, and perhaps we should. It creates a consistent point of measure. There will always be those in need, those with nothing and those we should give much more attention to, and we should. But to measure human progress from below or those the worst off, would also ignore the important progress and achievements we do reach.

“United states of democracy.”

There is a great gap between those who have and those who have not. The first-world compared to third-world. Yet looking back through history, the masses even within the pinnacle of society lived in conditions that were probably much closer to that of the third world of today—a lack of easy access to running water, food security, medicine or education. My point is that the big picture has been getting better for more of us, despite many more of us still struggling and suffering with as little as those from a millennia ago.

“Do we take it for granted?”

But do we take it for granted? By gaining a little for ourselves, as we better ourselves for our own lives, do we in turn stick our collective heads in the sand and fail to see the big picture?

We face the end on so many fronts. Global warming, extreme weather, climate shifts, food shortage, fuel shortage, water shortage, power shortage, loss of a sense of societal security, loss of pharmaceutical resistance to outbreaks and disease, or work shortage as the age of automation and artificial intelligence slips into a foreseeable reality. Any of these which could easily trigger a collapse of the system in our own, everyday, backyard.

Could you survive at home if, as you read this, the power went out across the nation with no possibility of it returning for several months, if not longer? How would you get to work? How would you get food, fuel, money from the bank, water? How would you protect your home, family, the small amount of supplies you have? How would you restock? How and who would you contact for help without power, without a phone network, without functioning emergency services?

Most don’t realise the reality but if you look close at the irritated driver on the road, the stressed out workers in the street, the antisocial teenagers in the school yard, the battlers flaunting the minor laws in order to survive, these are the stretches in the fabric of society. These are the clues to what the world looks like when the stitching falls out, when any one of the fronts we face turns the tide on civilisation and we all do anything we can to survive.

“What the world looks like when the stitching falls out.”

We have it in us to ban together—as we see time and again—when faced with the chaos the world throws our way. Those who fall to the bottom, we ban together from the pinnacle of society to do what we can to raise them up and it is inspiring to see. But we have never been faced, in our modern time and to this level, with the fall of the pinnacle. We live in a time of a great civilisation. But what happened when Rome fell, what happened when the Egyptians fell? Humanity lives on. But what of the man, woman or child in the moment? For them all is lost, before, in another time and place, humanity rises to a new civilisation. The next great power in line moves up the ranks.

In a civilisation, so interconnected, so interdependent, so impacting on the natural world and with such great powers to create and destroy, when we fall, will we ever rise again? Will there be anything to rise from?

Will there be anything to rise from?

So I watch and I wait—I never did before, but now I do what I can to prepare—but I hope I never have to find out.

JADP – Just Another Doomsday Prepper.


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